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Safe and Secure Firearms Training for Beginners in Houston, TX

The main fact to keep in mind when using any firearm is that safety is paramount. We emphasize that point to all students in our training classes, and it’s a lesson we reinforce every chance we get.

When you know the concept of how to handle and safely use a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, you can then enjoy it on more levels than someone who picks up one without a firm grasp of the basics. Our firearms training for beginners in Houston, TX, gives you a solid grounding in the principles of safe and responsible gun usage.

You will learn to operate a gun safely with training from Golden Eagle Guns. We offer classes to teach new gun users on how to handle a firearm properly. "The Basics of the Pistol," is an NRA-sponsored gun safety course about the basics of firearms and their proper handling. With this training, you'll learn everything you need to know to become a responsible firearms owner and be able to protect yourself and others.

Proper Usage of a Firearm in Many Roles

A firearm of any sort can fill many roles. It can be a tool, a piece of sporting equipment, and a means of defense. Regardless of the type of long-gun or handgun you wish to use, to make the experience a positive one, you need to know what you’re doing, not just superficially but in a concrete way. That keeps you safe and provides for the safety of all those around you. It’s a hefty responsibility when you pick up a firearm, and our gun safety courses ensure you are among the vast number of solid citizens who practice intelligent and safe gun ownership.

Book a training class today. We are proud to serve customers in Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.

Concealed Handgun Licensing - Starting Jan 1st 2019 -
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